Introduction: In 2006, the University of Copenhagen embarked on an ambitious journey to elevate the strategic leadership capabilities of professionals across the European Union. As a Digital Learning Delivery Consultant, I played a pivotal role in co-designing and implementing a leadership program for an EU-funded project, aiming to foster a new era of strategic leadership within the region. Problem Solved: The primary challenge was to develop a comprehensive leadership program that not only addressed the diverse needs of EU professionals but also leveraged digital platforms for effective delivery. The goal was to enhance participants' strategic leadership skills, enabling them to navigate complex challenges and drive transformative change in their organizations. Outcome for the Client: Over the course of five months, the program successfully equipped a wide array of leaders with advanced strategic thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills. The innovative use of digital learning tools and methodologies ensured accessible, engaging, and impactful learning experiences. This initiative not only marked a significant milestone for the University of Copenhagen in delivering cutting-edge leadership training but also contributed to strengthening the strategic leadership landscape across the European Union.