At Work Skolen A/S


Introduction: In a transformative 18-year career at At Work A/S, Copenhagen, I held the pivotal role of Senior Learning Delivery Consultant, focusing on health training programs. My mission was to align these programs with the organization's overarching goals and its learning and development (L&D) strategy, ensuring they remained relevant and impactful in a rapidly evolving professional landscape. Problem Solved: The challenge was multi-faceted: to design and execute health training modules that responded to the dynamic needs of project stakeholders, to synchronize training initiatives with organizational objectives, and to introduce digital transformation within the learning environment. This required a meticulous blend of collaboration with senior management and subject matter experts (SMEs), a performance-based approach for identifying training needs, and managing complex projects to drive strategic L&D initiatives. Outcome for the Client: The outcomes were significant and multifarious. The effectiveness of health training programs was markedly enhanced, directly contributing to improved market capabilities within the organization. My leadership in several digital transformation initiatives ushered in a more agile and responsive L&D framework, fostering an environment ripe for innovation. Moreover, targeted training interventions led to a notable uplift in SME performance and employee satisfaction. These achievements underscored the importance of strategic alignment and adaptability in health training, setting new benchmarks for excellence in organizational learning and development.