Region Skåne


Introduction: In my role, building and nurturing relationships with diverse stakeholders within the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) system was paramount. My focus was on comprehending the multifaceted needs of these stakeholders to ensure the development and implementation of adaptive strategies that were both effective and inclusive. Problem Solved: The challenge lay in bridging the diverse expectations and requirements of stakeholders within the MEL system. This required a nuanced understanding of their perspectives to devise strategies that were not only adaptive but also responsive to the evolving landscape of monitoring and evaluation. The goal was to enhance the system's effectiveness and ensure it could deliver insightful, actionable data to inform decision-making processes. Outcome for the Client: Through dedicated relationship building and a deep dive into understanding stakeholder needs, I was able to implement adaptive strategies that significantly improved the MEL system's responsiveness and utility. This approach not only fostered a culture of collaboration and trust among stakeholders but also enhanced the strategic decision-making capabilities within the organization. As a result, the MEL system became a more dynamic tool for driving organizational learning and improvement, aligning closely with both immediate and long-term objectives.

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