DHI Group


Introduction: During my tenure from January 2014 to October 2020 as a Senior Learning Delivery Specialist at DHI, based in Denmark, I was entrusted with the crucial responsibility of enhancing the leadership capabilities within the organization. My role was characterized by the innovative development and delivery of leadership training, utilizing both online and in-person formats to meet the diverse needs of our team. Problem Solved: The challenge was to design a comprehensive leadership training program that was not only adaptable to various learning formats but also focused on practical skills and real-world applications. This required a deep understanding of the organization's strategic objectives and the integration of adult education principles to ensure the training was relevant and impactful. Outcome for the Client: The culmination of these efforts was the successful development of a series of leadership training modules that became a cornerstone of the organization's leadership development efforts. My adoption of a blended learning approach markedly enhanced participant engagement and skill acquisition. This initiative led to a significant uplift in leadership competencies across the organization, perfectly aligning with our strategic business goals and reinforcing the importance of tailored, practical training solutions in professional development.

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